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  Holguin, Playa Pesquero - Hotel Playa Pesquero
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Telephone Numbers, Fax, Address, Maps, Links
Admin128by: Rachel
on: 7th May 2017
Admin5by: Betzabel
on: 8th June 2017
Power supply
Julie H0by: Julie H
on: 11th January 2015
Snorkel and Windsurf
Bev1by: Gina
on: 29th December 2014
Oceanview or Oceanfront
Bev0by: Bev
on: 9th December 2014
Returning Guest
Mark Waple0by: Mark Waple
on: 1st December 2014
Bed Bugs
Francesco 1by: Canadian
on: 13th April 2015
special 50th birthday
william burt0by: william burt
on: 25th November 2014
Lee-Ann Roberts1by: Betsy
on: 21st November 2014
swimming with dolphins
wendy0by: wendy
on: 19th November 2014
Katy2by: Belinda
on: 1st October 2014
Julie1by: Idelsias
on: 29th September 2014
Our week of vacation
12-19 september
Dan Normandin 0by: Dan Normandin
on: 21st September 2014
Private Gazebo dinner
Lee-Ann Roberts1by: Berthica
on: 18th September 2014
Pool Table in Sports Bar
Deb1by: Luis
on: 15th September 2014
Minimum age to be served?
Lucy Tyler10by: Tony
on: 15th October 2014
Xmas Day
Nigel2by: George & Jackie
on: 15th December 2014
Chantal3by: David
on: 28th January 2015
Birthday Cake
Elizabeth Chapman1by: Bertha
on: 11th August 2014
ORAZIO1by: Tony
on: 21st July 2014
Deep sea fishing
How much??
Simon wells3by: Tony
on: 21st July 2014
Family vacation
Francis Pelletier1by: TONY
on: 12th July 2014
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