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Telephone Numbers, Fax, Address, Maps, Links
Admin4by: Sofie
on: 18th April 2016
Admin1by: Miranda
on: 8th April 2014
Visa debit Cards
can we use them at the hotel?
Caroline Williams0by: Caroline Williams
on: 15th January 2013
Lucia1by: Idelsis
on: 3rd January 2013
lucia1by: Lucia
on: 17th December 2012
How to get from Rafael Perez to The hotel El Colony
Bradley0by: Bradley
on: 25th November 2012
Looking for Keka
Frauke Schulz0by: Frauke Schulz
on: 17th October 2012
estancia y buceo en H. Colony
Raquel1by: Idelsis
on: 10th October 2012
Habitacion para 3 personas
Beatriz Devia2by: maria
on: 10th September 2012
Reservation for Diving Course
Martin K.1by: Dayme
on: 5th September 2012
reference for El colony hotel e diving
paola0by: paola
on: 26th August 2012
contact for diving and stay in El Colony
paola1by: Natali
on: 5th September 2013
Long term rental
Monica2by: Joe
on: 22nd July 2012
scuba cylinders - din or yoke?
on: 11th December 2012
Cosa comprende il prezzo
Sara0by: Sara
on: 4th January 2012
long term rent
dina3by: Besu
on: 16th December 2011
Daryl1by: Betsy
on: 15th November 2011
Internet connections
Daryl1by: Betsy
on: 15th November 2011
Shuttle bus to Havana
Daryl1by: Zayda
on: 15th November 2011
high speed wifi internet
juliano1by: Betsy
on: 2nd November 2011
Buceo y hospedaje
Fraisory0by: Fraisory
on: 6th September 2011
Nick1by: Zayda
on: 2nd August 2011
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