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  Holguin, Playa Pesquero - Hotel Playa Costa Verde
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Telephone Numbers, Fax, Address, Maps, Links
Admin22by: Mario
on: 7th February 2017
Admin12by: Lilia Fandofan Tvetcova
on: 5th May 2017
Marc Thyge0by: Marc Thyge
on: 29th May 2012
Pool View
Kerrie-Ann1by: Betsy
on: 6th June 2012
Liz2by: Tony
on: 30th May 2012
Sea Fishing
R.Billingham1by: Lazara
on: 1st May 2012
Spiders eurghh
Debra 3by: Ottovonrotton
on: 27th August 2012
bette1by: Lazara
on: 24th April 2012
bette 2by: NickieH
on: 27th April 2012
bungalow enquirey
Max1by: Lazara
on: 19th April 2012
Arlo6by: NickieH
on: 17th April 2012
Price for 28 months child
fabiana1by: Lucia
on: 5th April 2012
PCV 27.04.-09.05 - any Canadian here?
claus7by: claus
on: 17th April 2012
Wedding Informatio
Debra Armstrong5by: cristina. dominguez
on: 27th April 2012
Bank Machines
Angela3by: Dave
on: 7th April 2012
bette1by: Betsy
on: 30th March 2012
Trip with my 6 month boy
BenoÃƒà ’A€šÃ‚®t 4by: Clairest
on: 10th April 2012
Location of Playa Costa Verde
Karen2by: NickieH
on: 29th March 2012
Dave1by: Luiza
on: 23rd March 2012
how much!
christine1by: Stokey
on: 14th March 2012
Sean3by: Tony
on: 14th April 2012
Double room
Sleeping Arrangements
Peter Haigherty0by: Peter Haigherty
on: 1st March 2012
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