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  Holguin, Playa Pesquero - Hotel Playa Costa Verde
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Telephone Numbers, Fax, Address, Maps, Links
Admin22by: Mario
on: 7th February 2017
Admin12by: Lilia Fandofan Tvetcova
on: 5th May 2017
Mosquittos in August?/Weather
Helen1by: Brenda
on: 6th February 2011
Watches in the safe
Watches in the safe
Gianfranco Ponte0by: Gianfranco Ponte
on: 21st January 2011
connecting rooms
Luda4by: julie
on: 19th March 2011
Jaybee0by: Jaybee
on: 12th January 2011
Family in one room
Elizabeth Sedlacek 1by: Marina
on: 16th January 2011
TV - Satellite Service
Frank1by: Letty
on: 11th January 2011
Italian tour opertaor
Mr. Lopez1by: Letty
on: 7th January 2011
Internet / Phone
Cheryl4by: Betsy
on: 12th January 2011
Dress code
Yannick Vincent1by: Leticia
on: 20th December 2010
Weather in Holguin
Serge2by: Brenda
on: 6th February 2011
Playa Costa Verde with baby 17mths old
Diane6by: Clairest
on: 12th July 2011
Crazy costa verde
Mark4by: letty
on: 14th December 2010
superior room
Bill H3by: draren jess
on: 9th March 2011
clamato? ketchup?
do they have it?
gwyn and ziggy1by: Bertha
on: 3rd December 2010
Mosquito in January
palma-rosa3by: Belkys
on: 24th January 2011
British $
Barry M2by: Barry M
on: 2nd December 2010
superior room
Annie6by: Annie
on: 2nd December 2010
Barry M1by: BETTY
on: 24th November 2010
Canadian $
Preia3by: Rob
on: 22nd November 2010
Map of the hotel
Alina1by: Leticia
on: 16th November 2010
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