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  Holguin, Playa Pesquero - Hotel Playa Costa Verde
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Telephone Numbers, Fax, Address, Maps, Links
Admin22by: Mario
on: 7th February 2017
Admin12by: Lilia Fandofan Tvetcova
on: 5th May 2017
Searchink for someone
Lets_fly0by: Lets_fly
on: 9th April 2010
Airport Pick-up?
Airport Pick-up?
JV2by: Fan of Playa Costa Verde
on: 24th May 2010
Sky Sports
Rebecca Yates2by: Rebecca Yates
on: 14th April 2010
end rooms
soley2by: kcf
on: 30th March 2010
Cigar Bar
Juley3by: Juley
on: 22nd March 2010
Credit card upon check in??
Jonathan5by: David
on: 9th September 2010
Ocean View
Steve 2by: steve
on: 13th March 2010
Playa Costa Verde - with kids
maggie stewart4by: luiza
on: 8th June 2010
David Carr2by: David Carr
on: 9th March 2010
Juley2by: Juley
on: 1st March 2010
Dress Code
Juley2by: Juley
on: 28th February 2010
Sarah1by: Ron
on: 22nd February 2010
what services does the spa provide facials ,pedicure,massage ect? and what is the cost Please
Gerry3by: Nicotine Boy
on: 24th March 2010
late check out
Cindy1by: Lora
on: 16th February 2010
getting married at this hotel
amanda8by: Kelly
on: 5th July 2010
distance from other resort
Linda1by: Elizabeth
on: 22nd January 2010
linda1by: Luiza
on: 22nd January 2010
Hotel's e-mail adress ?
Sonya Richard5by: Terri
on: 4th February 2010
playa costa verde
Has anyone been here recently
Terrie10by: gerry
on: 24th March 2010
meet and greet
D0by: D
on: 3rd January 2010
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