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  Holguin, Playa Pesquero - Hotel Playa Costa Verde
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Telephone Numbers, Fax, Address, Maps, Links
Admin22by: Mario
on: 7th February 2017
Admin12by: Lilia Fandofan Tvetcova
on: 5th May 2017
Email address?
Kim1by: Tony
on: 28th November 2013
scooter/moped rental
mike2by: Tony
on: 28th November 2013
beach towel
Beach towel
steve walters0by: steve walters
on: 22nd October 2013
Cra Rental - price
Monika1by: Tony
on: 30th October 2013
Wifi ta the hotel
Michle1by: Daniela
on: 25th October 2013
Sea Fishing
Dave2by: Ray.
on: 15th October 2013
Pool 24hrs?
MissKitty2by: Ray
on: 12th October 2013
Room Number
David3by: Dave
on: 10th January 2014
Suzie 1by: Idelsis
on: 23rd September 2013
Fitness center hour
Mariane1by: Tony
on: 18th September 2013
Travel in cuba
john h1by: Betsu
on: 16th September 2013
do we need beach shoes
david silvester3by: ChaCha
on: 17th September 2013
cuban holidays
paul woodhouse2by: ChaCha
on: 17th September 2013
getting out and about
Gill2by: Melissa Algarra
on: 7th May 2014
Vegetarian a la carte restaurant
Shawna1by: Tony
on: 1st August 2013
temperature et pche la langouste
Suzie1by: Tony
on: 31st July 2013
on beach
Marie1by: Tony
on: 25th July 2013
on: 18th July 2013
Mandy foad1by: Tony
on: 26th July 2013
left luggade
on: 4th July 2013
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