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  Pinar del Rio, Maria La Gorda - Hotel Gaviota Villa Maria La Gorda
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Telephone Numbers, Fax, Address, Maps, Links
Admin0by: Admin
on: 28th January 2008
Admin20by: Mary
on: 31st March 2017
costs - only open water training
Andrea1by: Betsaida
on: 21st January 2011
Maria la Gorda dive centre email?
Laurence3by: Dan
on: 8th January 2011
Villa at the beach
Nic0by: Nic
on: 26th December 2010
PADI certification
Maria1by: Letty
on: 17th December 2010
Diving open water certification
Greg Nuspel2by: Greg Nuspel
on: 12th December 2010
Booking December 24th
Simon1by: Beatriz
on: 6th December 2010
info telephone number
Lilian1by: Luiza
on: 16th November 2010
Reserva de buceo
Eva0by: Eva
on: 1st November 2010
Consulta de Habitaciones
Dante1by: Idelsis
on: 29th October 2010
Hotel reservation - November 2010 ?
Trine Geerthsen1by: Letizia
on: 18th October 2010
getting to MLG and diving prices
Izabela1by: Zsolt
on: 25th December 2010
Constance1by: Letty
on: 19th July 2010
DIN/international connections
Tina1by: Leticia
on: 28th June 2010
Bucear en Maria la Gorda
Nina Salle2by: Esther
on: 6th February 2011
renting diving equipment
diving equipment
steph2by: steph
on: 20th April 2010
Transporte de la Habana a Maria la Gorda?
Tino Diem1by: Luisa
on: 19th April 2010
on: 7th April 2010
el caribe
Vicki1by: Luiza
on: 26th March 2010
Clases de buceo
Jon5by: Esther
on: 6th February 2011
Rental car in Maria La Gorda
Rental car station in Maria La Gorda
Sabine3by: Sabine
on: 13th January 2010
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