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  Havana, Old Havana - Hotel Conde de Villanueva
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Telephone Numbers, Fax, Address, Maps, Links
Admin7by: Raphael
on: 16th August 2016
Admin3by: Idelsis
on: 12th September 2016
Hotel Availability
Dani1by: Idelsis
on: 17th February 2017
Luggage storage for early arrival
Angela0by: Angela
on: 7th September 2016
Great Visit
Steve0by: Steve
on: 11th July 2016
Hotel Conde de Villanueva
Yasemin0by: Yasemin
on: 24th May 2016
informacion turistica
Fernando Checa1by: Carlos
on: 24th May 2016
Recent stay
How was the hotel?
Steve0by: Steve
on: 14th May 2016
robert0by: robert
on: 11th May 2016
Claudette Francois1by: Carls
on: 4th March 2016
Disponibilidad para ano nuevo
Carlos Santiso1by: Marcos
on: 28th September 2015
Location of Junior Suites
Rick1by: Melani
on: 3rd September 2015
Rick1by: Melani
on: 3rd September 2015
Junior quarto
Nelson Santos 1by: Idelsis
on: 18th August 2015
horario de llegada
lopez frederic0by: lopez frederic
on: 10th July 2015
check out
reservation info
chiara g1by: Idelsis
on: 29th June 2015
Availability in December
on: 8th February 2015
Contact Details
Matthias Hranyai1by: Mariluz
on: 11th August 2014
Check in time
Jeppe1by: Betsaida
on: 3rd July 2014
smoking rules in your hotel
clare dudley1by: Idelsis
on: 7th October 2013
Analia1by: Katrine
on: 10th October 2012
Luna de miel
Alejandro 3by:
on: 28th January 2015
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