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Topic Title Topic Started by Replies Last Posted
Scooter in Camaguey
Tundra0by: Tundra
on: 1st February 2020
How to get to Baracoa?
Luca0by: Luca
on: 11th October 2018
Travelling with Children
Dorothy1by: Manuela
on: 10th October 2018
Scooters in Vinales/Trinidad
Sam19810by: Sam1981
on: 7th December 2017
Private Car Hire From Havana to Cienfuegos
Cliff G1by: Idelsis
on: 13th February 2017
Havana to Manzanillo
DM1by: Johsua
on: 29th June 2016
Renting a scooter in Guardalavaca
is it possible?
Terry0by: Terry
on: 16th January 2015
Motorboat Hire
Anthony0by: Anthony
on: 13th January 2014
Renting a scooter in Cayo Saetia
Dennis1by: Betsy
on: 30th May 2013
Knud Denmark0by: Knud Denmark
on: 25th February 2012
shuttle or taxi, airport to hotel
Murray2by: Yudith
on: 25th January 2012
Havana to Baracoa
is there a direct train?
Kurt1by: Yudith
on: 20th January 2012
Scooter Hire in Camaguey
where can I hire a scooter in Camaguey?
Simon1by: Yudith
on: 5th January 2012
Bus Transfer from Matanzas to Vinales?
Joel LeBlanc1by: Idelsis
on: 2nd November 2011
Buying a bike Cuba
SarahC10by: SarahC1
on: 21st May 2011
Ground transportation from Havana to Cayo Ensenachos
Avelia Powell0by: Avelia Powell
on: 18th April 2011
Renaldo1by: Raiza
on: 23rd February 2011
Vintage cars
any chance or renting those?
Milan1by: Raiza
on: 23rd February 2011
Car hire
Rates for Car rental
Peter Barron1by: Letty
on: 8th November 2010
Havana to Cayo Ensenachos
Options to get there?
Tumbleweed1by: Betty
on: 16th June 2010
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