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Unhappy traveller 21st August 2009
I am sorry to say that I had a very bad experience with this hotel recently. After making a reservation some days in advance over the phone, I arrived to find the hotel full. The receptionist(s) had made the reservation knowing they had no room then tried to direct me to a Casa Particular of one of their friends. They refused to help me find my own accomodation and did not offer an apology. Leaving me in Baracoa with no accomodation at 7pm in the evening. The staff didn't even think there was anything wrong with this behaviour, one just wandered off smiling.

If you choose to stay at this hotel I would make sure that you get conformation in writing. Better still, stay at one of the other Hotels. We went to La Habana which was also full, but the staff there were very happy to help us find a room in different hotel.

I had been in Cuba for 3 weeks at this point and stayed in many hotels and Casa's as I'd travelled around. This was by far the worst service in any of the 15 towns and cities I'd stayed in.

My advice - go somewhere else. It's not worth the uncertainty of being left on the street.
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