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  Mal servicio
Idania Nunez La O 29th September 2009
Este Hotel Presta un Mal Servisio .. Mala Comida ,,, Maltrato a Los Huspedes excetera ......... La Pissina es la Charca de la Gicara .. no le cabe un zapito mas .
liz 17th December 2009
Poor service generally. One good waitress. HOWEVER, the bar staff, and particularly the artist Donatien, were very welcoming. It's a shame that it was not the same throughout the hotel, because we are mature students and wanted to see the best of Guantanamo - behind its political mask. Generally we felt very unwelcome. I hope that the hotel will allow Donatien to display his artwork on the walls of the hotel (as he has designed some walls already)... Then people might come to Guantanamo for the people and their culture - and not the military base (which we refused to visit on moral principles). Still, we send you all at Guantanamo best wishes from England!!!
luc 19th August 2010
Seperately dissagreeing on your strong header "mal servicio" i would like to tell you that there are people who are visiting GTMO for it's people. One of them is me and i know there are more!
Neili 28th February 2012
Mal servicio, deben mejorar muchisimo en todos los aspectos, se come muy mal, no hay variedad en el menU, no hay frutas, increible en una ciudad agricola como Guantanamo. Tengo la esperanza que mejoren porque el personal me parece bastante empenado pero no hay recursos en este hotel.
Saludos desde Italia.
Pase algunos dias por su hotel en 19998, 1999 y 2001 acaso Senor Peter Hope es siempre director? Muchas gracias y hasta pronto. Buen dia
Betsaida 2nd June 2014
Hi Sartori, Peter Hope is not longer the director of the hotel.
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