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Patricia Lewis 16th October 2009
I have been to Don Lino once this year and am heading back for another 2 weeks in January. I fell in love with this place, it is a piece of heaven in Cuba. I have been to another resort 12 times, and it is like my 2nd home, but Don Lino has a place in my heart now, too.

Anyways, on the website operated by Nigel Hunt, you say the bars are open 24/7... is this something new? Does anyone know? As when we were there in January 2009, the bars closed at 10 pm.

Can somebody please clarify this, or change the info on Nigel Hunts website for Don Lino>

Thank you(:
Beatriz 20th October 2010
Hi Patricia, well as a hotel now is operated as all inclusive hotel , the bar must be work 24/7.
deb 21st February 2011
just came back yesterday
bar is open 10-10 thats it
Jo 29th November 2011
Has anybody been to Don Lino recently?
fishstalker 4th January 2012
you can purchase beverages in the store for afterhours
K.P. 21st January 2012
jamie 13th February 2012
I am headding there tommorow feb 14 2012 when i get back i will give my reviews
Laura 6th April 2012
We returned March 26th ,2012 from Don Lino. The bar is suppose to close at 10 pm a few times it was open to 10;30ish. The band is asked to stop at 10 pm but can be persued to play a bit longer but it is management that shuts them down. I think if ppl wanted to stay in the bar area longer it is done but drinks are stopped around 10 for obvious reasons (costs and staff). If you purchase your own drinks and want to socialize no problem. Be sure to tip well because I think staff are not paid after 10 pm.
Kim Khov 24th February 2014
I have abit of an issue with the hotel I stayed in ( Don Lino Hotel, Cuba) 7 days all inclusive resort with a private bungalow.

I was sick for 3 days due to food poisoning from eating at the buffet restaurant. It was consistent from breakfast, to lunch, to dinner for the 3 days until I decided to venture outside the resort to eat. After that, I was better and was able to really appreciate the beauty of Cuba and its people.

It was also difficult for me to ask for assistance from the front desk or manager. They did not change my Canadian money to CUC. One of the Canadian tourist who was also in the same trip as me mentioned that she had poor service too, when she lost her money and brought it up to the manager,he told her to try harder (?)

I had to spend money out of my own pocket to eat out the rest of the time I was there (4 days). The managment and the front desk at this hotel was terrible. I heard from a tourist that this hotel was under new management, and it wasn't like this last year.
gaetz55 7th October 2015
I have been going there for quite some time now and never has a problem! I know people there that have been going there for over 20 years without any problems. Food poisoning and you went back for lunch and supper YOUR A JOKE
Brigitte 13th May 2016
Quelqu'un va au Don Lino bientot ? J'ai un service a demander. En Estrie si possible ou centre du Quebec, Rive sud de Mtl une option aussi. Merci beaucoup
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