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   Omg food poisoning
Jane 21st February 2017
Hi just booked this hotel for April for 2 weeks for me and my husband's wedding anniversary with Thomas cook
Told my friend and the look on her face she told me one of her colleagues had been in 2016 and half the hotel was down with food poisoning should I try and book another hotel
Loreina 24th February 2017
Dear Jane

The Playa PESQUERO hotel is one of the best hotels in the area. Recommended
BJ 3rd April 2017
Doesn't surprise me, the food is horrible. was there in 2008 for a wedding and just about everyone in the party came down with something. They advertise as 5star but that's such a biased rating since its a government owned resort; do you really think they would give themselves 1/5 stars? seriously, when we were getting on the plane to come home we all looked at eachother and said "this is the last time my feet will be on Cuban soil"
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