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Mario Fernandez 30th November 2009
Dear Mr. Hunt. My father, Antonio Fernandez Prieto, was the original owner of the Gran Hotel since 1938 until The Instituto Nacional de Turismo took over. I do not know a-) if you want additional Information - I will answer any questions you may have.
also b-) I wanted to know if it would be possible to get high resolution files of the photos you have in your website. They would be very much appreciated. They would be used to show my family.
Thank you for having taken the time to do this. It was quite a great feeling to see the hotel once again. - Incidentally, My father also had the Hotel Colon in Camaguey and the Sevilla in Ciego de Avila.
He also had other ones in Havana, including the Lincoln Hotel. Are you operating from Europe? - Please let me know - Thank you again, Mario F. Fernandez
Nigel 2nd December 2009
Dear Mr. Fernandez,

can you please leave your email so we can carry on this, for me, very interesting subject.
Mario A. Fernandez 9th January 2015

My Father, Mario F. Fernandez, passed away a couple years ago.
He was always excited when he was able to connect to his life in Cuba...
and his father Antonio Fernandez Prieto -

my email is

God Bless,

Mario A. Fernandez
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