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Admin 28th January 2008
Telephone: +53 7 862 8061 /67, +53 7 863 8632

Fax: +53 7 861 0702

Address: Virtudes #164 y Galiano, Centro Habana, La Habana

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Cazkitten 11th May 2009
DO NOT stay here.
I have travelled widely and don't expect luxury...but this was awful.
On arrival, AC didn't work. Had to ask about 6 times before someone fixed it, and more, the receptionist was outright rude, mocking my Spanish to her colleague who was engaging in that Cuban pastime of standing around doing nothing.
Yes I used caliente, not calor to say the room was too hot - I had just got off an 8 hr flight, and had a few hours of Spanish classes! So sorry! Did she speak English, er, NO! No need to be so rude.

Then water began coming through the ceiling. I had to move rooms. Again, guess what, the AC didn't work. I didn't bother asking them to fix it, just made do with the pathetic whisper of a breeze.

The breakfast was awful, even by Cuban standards.

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