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  Voltage and Room Safes
Deborah 16th March 2010
I'm not sure what 220-volt electricity means. Are we unable to use our own appliances? Do the rooms come with hairdryers? Also, is there a safe to store valuables in each room?
Think a little 16th March 2010

the rooms have a safe and a hair dryer.

As for your own appliances, how are we suppose to know what voltage they use in your country, whatever that may be?

Think before you ask a question.
Keith 6th April 2010
Most European systems use 220V so oyu should be OK if you are coming from Europe. You may need an adaptor for wall socket depending which part of Europe you are travelling from.
US is 110V so appliances may not work unless they have a dual voltage selctor on them (most won't!).
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