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yoron77 26th April 2010
do you have an internet in the hotel or nearby?
can I use my laptop?

Letizia 26th April 2010
Hi Yoav. The Parque Central hotel has an internet connection at Business center(centro de negocios) and also you can use your laptop, only you have to buy a card for this service.
yoav 27th April 2010
what is the price of the card and for how long?
Letizia 27th April 2010
Hi Yoav. Well explained to you: This office is open 24 hours for internet service (connections), but you can buy your card from 8am to 8pm. The card cost CUC 8 for 1hours and CUC 35 for 5hours, and this card is valid for 1month.
yoron77 29th April 2010
What Currency is good to came Canadian Dollar Pound Sterling is right or just Euro

Tandara 29th April 2010
Anything but USD. American Dollars are frown upon.
Old Havana 7th May 2010
I think the prices on the internet cards are outrageous, really expensive if you ask me.

The hotels should have wi-fi internet for free.
janette 14th October 2011
how much in canadain dollars is the internet. is there a connection if we bring our laptops. anything else we need to know about internet
Letizia 17th October 2011
Hi Janette. The Parque Central has a wi-fi connection in all romms at the hotel and also in all areas of the hotel, you can bring your laptop and just need to buy a card to use , it cost CUC 8 per 1 hour.
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