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Admin 28th January 2008
Telephone: +53 24 30 520, +53 24 30 510

Fax: +53 24 30 525, +53 24 30 515

Address: Playa Pesquero, Municipio Rafael Freyre, Holguin

Hotel Page 10th March 2009
Hi we are visiting Playa Costa Verde arriving next Monday the 16 through to the 23rd. This is our third visit at this resort and we love it, the people are fantastic and the resort is wonderful. We are bringing friends with us, thier booking is under Karen Labossiere and Troy Martin. I know our stay will be wonderful but I was hoping to impress our friends as we have been, if you have a front upstairs rooms available or anything extra special that would be wonderful. I look forward to seeing you in 6 days.
Lynn Roch and Dale Au 26th July 2009
we are arriving 5th August and have booked 2 rooms, we wanted to confirm that they would be ajoining rooms. can you please confirm email address in order fr me to confirm this
Will 11th November 2009
I know you're not affiliated with Playa Costa Verde but would you happen to know the email address of the wedding coordinator (preferably Vivian de La Rosa)? Thanks!

julie southall 2nd November 2010
I have noticed your request for an email address for hotel Playa Coste Verde, I am too trying to find this to arrange a renewall of wedding vows as a surprise for my mother and husband.
They are visiting the hotel for a second time next June and we are going the week after for our third visit.
If you do have info re- email address or wedding co-ordinator please could you email me at
Letty 2nd November 2010
Hi Julie, please try at, or you can call them at 53 24 433 520 or via fax at 53 24 433 525
paul woodhouse 5th June 2013
Any info on who we need to contact by email regarding asking for upper floor room. thank you in advance..
lazara 12th June 2013
Hi Paul
For Playa Pesquero need to send email to and for Playa Costa Verde to
Kyburz Reinfried, Germany 8th October 2013
we had beautiful holidays in January 2013 in your hotel. Now we wish to contact you per Email. Please send an Email to our Email adress

Many thanks and
friendly greetings
Family Kyburz
tina powis 30th October 2013
could you get a message to my daughter gemma powis and her boyfriend wishing them a fantastic holiday and have a great time they arrive tonight from chester england 12th November 2013
I tried e mailing the Hotel Playa Costa Verde this morning at the e mail address listed above but it failed. I tried Would you check please and reconfirm or give me an alternative. Many thanks.
Lili 26th November 2013
You can contact to the hotel through the email
Scott 31st December 2013
Hi these email addresses dont work - you just get rejection emails when you send to these. Does anyone know an email address that works

Many Thanks
Lili 9th January 2014
Try with
margaret goldie 12th January 2014
I too have had problems with the emails can anyone help
margaret goldie 12th January 2014
Please can someone give me an email that works for playa costa verdi
margaret goldie 12th January 2014
Please can someone give me an email that works for playa costa verdi
Tony 12th January 2014
Hi Margaret, it will be a pleasure to give you the e-mail adress of Playa Costa Verde Hotel.

This e-mail must works. Please let me know yours results...maybe they have change their e-mail ???

parish sephton mark williams 23rd October 2014
hi there ,
my name is parish I stayed last week at your hotel and have left a Armani watch in room number 5311
we are now back in England CAN WE PAY FOR POSTAGE BACK TO THE uk
Dave Askham 2nd August 2015
Does anyone have a current email address to contact playa Costa Verde directly?

I've checked the ones listed above and they don't appear to be valid any longer.

If anyone can help I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance

Clemence Laforce 5th November 2016
Hello I am comming on november 11 could you ask Victor at the activity to get in touch whit me I am a friend and I would like to bring im something for is new baby. Thanks a lot to give him the message
Martin Gagnon 30th January 2017

I try to reach the reception of the playa costa verde but when i call to the phone number of the hotel, an automatic answering machine speak only in spanich ans impossible to speak to somebody,

could somebody help me please.
i have to speak to somebody who's at the hotel right now rush.

Thanks for your help.
Mario 7th February 2017
hi Martin

Need to dial 53 24 433 520
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