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  Canadian $
Preia 18th November 2010
We are comming there next week from Canada and wanted to know if we need to convert our Canadian $ to US?

Looking forward to some sunshine!!!!
Letty 19th November 2010
Hi, you can bring your Canadian dollarss and excahnge here in Cuba or otherwise you can bring USD
David 20th November 2010
Do not bring US money, they will charge a 10% levy on it to exchange it. I was just there Nov 6th-13th the exchange rate was 1.13 CND would get you one convertible peso!

have a blast, Jesus will make you great Jesus Specials at the pool bar!
Rob 22nd November 2010
US$ are no longer accepted in Cuba. You needd to purchase CUCs (Convertible Cuban Pesos) upon arrival. Foreigners can only use CUCs in Cuba. One CUC will cost you in the neighbourhood of CDN$1.20.

You cannot buy CUC outside of Cuba; nor can you exchange them outside of Cuba.

You can purchase CUCs at the Airport and at 99% of the resorts. I find that the rates vary very little from one resort to another.

Hope that helps.
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