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  Playa Costa Verde with baby 17mths old
Diane 14th December 2010
Can you tell me if all the restaurants of the Playa Costa Verde have baby's chair?
Thank you
Letty 14th December 2010
Hi Diane
Yes, the hotel has a baby's chair available for everybody needs it.

letty 14th December 2010
Hi Diane

Yes, of course the hotel has baby's chair for every one
Diane 14th December 2010
Thank you!
clairest 11th April 2011
Hi, We have been to PCV 3 times. Our daughter was 9 months on our second trip and 21 months on our third. We are going back again on 26th April with Lily (who will be 3 while we are there) and our new baby Holly who will be 10 weeks. Staff here are brilliant and are always happy to help. So you should have no problems. Only thing was we had to wait for a high chair a few times, but not often. XX
scougy 29th May 2011
How was the food, were you able to give your baby breakfast, lunch or dinner? I was advised there is baby food available?

Clairest 12th July 2011
Hi, there is baby food available in the shop, but you have to pay for that. Holly is just taking milk at the mo, so that wasn't a problem. When We went before (with Lily at 9 months), we took packets of dry baby cereal and heinz dried food (you just add hot water). Lily couldn't have wheat, so it was abit more difficult. We just mashed up some of the usual food for her, veg, rice (mashed with soup), mashed up baked beans (or their version of them) for breakfast, but there's always breade, cheese, ham, fruit for finger foods. Sure you will find something. Take sterilising tablets and a tupperware box if you need to sterilise anything. If you are still giving bottles of milk, you will need to take Formula and put the water through the coffee machine to heat it. It isn't as good as fully boiling the water, but Holly was fine (she was 3 months when we went in May) and there are no microwaves or kettles available. Although the hotel did offer to bring boiled water round to us. Hope this helps. XX
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