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  Weather in Holguin
Serge 17th December 2010
What's the weather like the first week of March...! I just came back from Varadero, and man it was cold like hell...! Nothing to compare with our Canadian winter you'd say but we're going to Cuba to get something WARM...! It will be our 5th time to Cuba...We really like the Cuban people.! Thanks
dog 25th December 2010
It's your fifth time to Cuba and you don't know what the weather will be like? wow
Brenda 6th February 2011
Don't you check before you go?
You should be pretty safe in March but check (add the destination) and pack accordingly.
We have had great weather in November and February and not so great weather at the same time other years. Be prepared with a jacket, long pants and rain stuff. I can't believe the number of people I see in Canada getting on the plane with shorts and no provision for cooler weather! Just because it's the Caribbean doesn't guarantee anything. It's still the Northern end.
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