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Cheryl 30th December 2010
Hi, we are heading to Hotel Playa Costa Verde
in January. Is there internet available at the hotel? What about phone calls? Last time I travelled to Dominican I was able to buy a phone card before I left and we used it to call home (Canada) I cant seem to find a phone card anywhere to use from Cuba to call Canada, any suggestions?

Brisaida 7th January 2011
Hi Cheryl, you can use the internet at your hotel, just only needs to buy a card for this matter, and also you can use the cell phone here in Cuba, buy card to recharge it and thats it.

Beth 7th January 2011
They do have internet access but it is extremely slow. It is 6 pesos for 1 hour of internet time but it will take you a long time to log in. You buy the internet cards at the front desk and they currently have three computers for the guests to share.

As for the phones, I noticed that they have two phones next to the front desk but I'm not exactly sure which calling cards you will need in order to use them.
Cheryl 12th January 2011
Thank you!
Do they have CD players in the regular rooms?
Betsy 12th January 2011
Hi Cheryl, yes the rooms have available a CD-player
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