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  Helpful and patient staff
Johanne Lund Christiansen 3rd January 2011
Our great thanks to a helpful and patient staff, who endured our constant calling about our missing luggage, long after our check out.

eventually we found our missing items in Havana Airport, just as the staff had suggested.
R.O. Strack 6th April 2012
Unfortunately I have made quite the opposite experience. The night receptionist's behavior upon our arrival was sheer unbelievable.

Being on the phone while we approached the desk, she gave not the slightest sight that she had noticed us. When we presented our passports she grabbed them and filled out the forms without even looking at us. Putting the call on hold then, she still wouldn't even look at us neither say a word. But to carry it to extremes, she then started a long an cheerful conversation with some other guests passing the hall.

To make it clear, I don't have a problem to wait while someone is busy, but being deliberately ignored is a strong sign of disrespect. This was the most impolite person I've met within 4 weeks on Cuba and the most unprofessional hotel staff that I've ever met worldwide.

That said, the porter was very polite.

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