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  Scuba diving
Anais 7th February 2011
Is it possible to scuba dive at cabo san antonio?
Bettsy 11th February 2011
Hi Anais, all scuba diving is possible to do at Maria la Gorda only , now they are working to start the courses in Cabo San Antonio soon.
ottavio 21st November 2011
is possible scuba dive now ??
Corsican 28th November 2011
It is possible to scuba dive anytime in Cuba. The season lasts 12 months a year.
Greg 27th February 2012
Is it possible to dive in Villa Cabo San Antonio in april?
dimitry 1st March 2012

you are either stupid or illiterate or both. If the season lasts 12 months, as it is mentioned in the thread above yours, then it is very logical to conclude that month of April belongs in that range.

As you are probably Canadian or American, you are forgiven since stupidity is part of your national heritage.
lance 28th June 2012
being a Canadian I take it you must be an pumped upped european
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