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Admin 28th January 2008
Telephone: +53 48 75 0118, +53 48 75 7659, +53 48 75 7655

Fax: +53 48 75 0119, +53 48 75 7659

Address: Playa Las Tumbas, Cabo San Antonio, Pinar del Rio

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Tristan 7th January 2009
I'm visiting Cabo San Antonio for the first time next month. Please advise what I should expect to pay for food at the Villa Cabo San Antonio. For example, how much is a plate of tilapia / corvina / red snapper at the Restaurant Roncali? Does the snack bar have a wide range of food or is it mostly potato chips and soft drinks? Thanks!
First Light 14th June 2009
I have the same questions, but it does not look like anyone monitors this Forum?
joral 27th July 2009
What condition ist the street going from La Bajada to Cabo San Antonio and how long does it take by normal car?
Juanita 28th July 2009
Hi, regarding plate of fish, the hotel only offers a saltwater fish, like cornuda and others, they offer different plates but the price vary between CUC 11.50 to CUC 18. Also they offer lobster and shrimp. Also the road is in good condition, except 10kms near to the hotel , but all normal cars can drive by this road.
Kenneth Hofmann 26th December 2016
Would it be possible for you to arrange some hunting on wild boar and/or stag. Or give some contact information.
I am coming to Cuba the 28/12/2016 to 09/01/2017.

Regards Kenneth
Chris Johnson 21st February 2017
Kenneth Hoffman: Earlier post: Why would you go to Cuba, see the wonderful wildlife and then kill it? Take photos not lives. Dickhead.
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