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Lora Madison 3rd March 2013
Am considering a 2 wk vacation at this resort and would like to know:

(1) what sports activities are offered (archery, for example). Is snorkeling equipment provided and is it in good condition and properly sanitized? (People seem fixated on food and beach, which is fine, but surely not all vacationers spend every minute in those two "pursuits" - smile)

(2) Also, reviews often mention poor rooms. I'm most interested in the condition of the beds. Have they done any updating recently? Lastly, do they have deep (or any) bath tubs in their rooms?

Thanks for your assistance! - Lora (Vancouver, Canada)

Luisa 4th March 2013
Hi Lora, please contact them directly at
Tony E 5th May 2013
Hi Lora
We have stopped here previously and booked again. It is a great Hotel and the beds were comfortable. I like you love a bath and ours had a nice bath though quite short.
I loved this hotel as it had a great variety and a taxi into the town was only a short journey with the locals extremely friendly.

Tony U.K.
Liene 13th November 2013
We're going to Cuba for our Honeymoon, I want make sure that me and my husband gets very good room.
where can I add additional requirements to hotel room?
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