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Admin 5th March 2013
Reservation Link
Lisa campbell 5th April 2016
I like the look of your unique hotel and am interested in booking for 2 nights in June for 2 people in 1 room.
I'm a bit nervous booking & paying for it online without having made contact first.

I noticed on the booking website there are only standard rooms available. I was hoping to book the suite. If it is available can you tell me the price difference, please?

We will arrive on Wednesday 29th June (2016) & stay for 2 nights. We have a hire car so we only need a map or directions.

Can we please get a proper double (queen or king) sized bed, rather than 2 singles pushed together?

Carls 6th April 2016
Hi Lisa, I recommend you to make your reservation using the following website: I did mine with them and everything was okay.

Lisa 9th April 2016
Thanks Carls.
Is it true that you need a passport to get onto the island? Will they accept a driver's licence & bus licence? I am travelling with my Cuban friend & he doesn't have a passport.
Thanks again.
Lisa 9th April 2016
Hi again. The website you recommended is this same website!
Carls 11th April 2016
Hi Lisa, well you need your passport to get into the Island when you arrive, as you have to do en every country that you can visit. About your friend, if he is Cuban he doesn't need his passport, only his ID. You can drive in Cuba with your licence.
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