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Admin 5th March 2013
Reservation Link
Dietmar 28th January 2015

we come to 6.3.15 at 11.3.15 and will diving by you. Please
reserve diving for 4 Persons.
sebastian 2nd February 2016
On the reservation link i can not book a room for 4 : and we are a family with two kids 7 and 9 years old
we would like to come the 23/04 for the night and then dive the thursday
is it possible?
Marie 4th February 2016
Hi Sebastian, if you want to book at Maria La Gorda go to and search for Maria la Gorda.
stephan eldh 9th March 2016
I like to make a reservation at Hotel Villa Gaviota Maria La Gorda. How much of the total cost has to be paid in advance,like a reservation deposit?

Feel free to answer to my mail address if you like.

Best regards

Carl 18th March 2016
Hi, I did my booking using the following website:
Harry 13th May 2016
Is there any availability to do scuba diving on Sunday 19th June for myself and my brother we would like to both do two dives. We would also require a room for the night before which seems to have availability but we want to confirm that we can scuba dive before booking. I have tried using the link on the scuba diving website but I haven't had a reply. If anyone can help that would be useful my email is .
Thanks Harry
Peter 24th May 2016
Hi Harry, of course you can dive at Maria La Gorda, actually it is one of the best places in Cuba for diving. I have booked several time for diving at Maria La Gorda and always I have booked using the following website:
Good luck!
Reservation 27th May 2016
Hi, I'm trying to reserve for one person and don't seem to be able to book for May 28tg-30th and can't get through on the phone. Can you advise if you have room available please? I'm in vinales now.

M. Jakob 15th June 2016
we arrive your Hotel in 27.6.16 and would like to stay for 3nights, We are a familiy (2adults, 2childs). We like one Beach room and would stay in one, but I cannot booked this in your formular.
We like to reservation a habitation for this time, also diving on date 28. and 29.6.! Give me your okay! Thanks.
Sandrine and Pascal CLERE 21st August 2016
Good afternoon,

I did a reservation in the Cubaism website but we don't send the confirmation :

Objet: Rep : Cubaism Ltd - Booking BL050699 - Travel Itinerary
On 8 August 2016 at 16:52, wrote:
Travel Itinerary: BL050699

Date: 2016/Aug/08

Dear Mr Pascal CLERE (, thank you for booking with Cubaism.

Room 1 Booking
Hotel Gaviota Villa Maria La Gorda, Guanahacabibes Peninsula, Pinar Del Rio, Cuba
Cubaism confirmation #: TC-BL074869
Type of Room: Standard Room
Type of Plan: Half Board
Arrival Date: 2017/Feb/06
Number of Nights: 2
Number of Adults: 2
Number of Children (0-2): 0
Number of Children (3-12): 0
Guests: Mr Pascal CLERE; Ms Sandrine CLERE;
Price: 189.81

Room 2 Booking
Hotel Gaviota Villa Maria La Gorda, Guanahacabibes Peninsula, Pinar Del Rio, Cuba
Cubaism confirmation #: TC-BL074870
Type of Room: Standard Room
Type of Plan: Half Board
Arrival Date: 2017/Feb/06
Number of Nights: 2
Number of Adults: 2
Number of Children (0-2): 0
Number of Children (3-12): 0
Guests: Ms Joana CLERE; Ms Maya CLERE;
Price: 189.81

Special Requests
Thanks to book one king or Queens size bed for the first room and twin bed for the second room. Thanks also to book two rooms not far from eachother.

Booking Value: 379.62
Payment Method Discount: 0.00 (Subject to verification that card type declared is correct)
Total: 379.62 to be paid by Debit Card. Cubaism Ltd
Unit 30, DRCA Business Centre
Charlotte Despard Avenue
Battersea Park, London
SW11 5HD
Free Phone: 0800 298 9555
Int. Tel: +44 20 7498 8555

Thank to send us the confirmation.

Best regards,

Sandrine and Pascal CLERE
Idelsis 30th August 2016
Hi Pascal

The rooms are confirmed, but you need to contact the London office at 44 20 7498 8555 in order to verify the Card you provided for the payment.

Lamarche Philippe , 28th September 2016

We booked 2 bungalows for 3 adults through Cubaism LtD

Accommodation Voucher: TC-BL075449
Hotel confirmation #: TC-4764

Accommodation Voucher: TC-BL075450
Hotel confirmation #: TC-4763

Type of Plan: Half Board
Arrival Date: 2017-Feb-06
Number of Nights: 3

And dives for one person (Virginie) on the 7th and 8th february 2017.

Could you confirm that is OK ?

For dives we just received notification for the paiement without any comment
Start Date End Date Description Price Days Pax Subtotal
2017-02-07 2017-02-08 5 dives Package - 2 days - 1 diver - Mr Philippe Lamarche 97.63 GBP 1 1 97.63 GBP
Total (GBP): 97.63 GBP

Please note the diver will be Virginie Lamarche and she will need complete equipment for 4 to 5 dives in 2 days depending on the possible program.
So have we to pay now or later following the needs ?

Kind regards
Philippe Lamarche
Lamarche Philippe , 8th October 2016


I asked 2 questions on this forum on the 28th september : Lamarche Philippe.

Could you confrm me through the forum or by email that the forum is good location to get some information regarding confirmation of already paid rooms booking and the organisation of the payment (not yet done ) of reservation of dives?

kinds regards
Idelsis 10th October 2016
Dear Phillippe.

The forum is for obtain information or share it.
For payments and reservations you need to contact the follow email address: or

Nestor 8th November 2016
Hola tenemos reserva en el hotel del 15 al 18 de este mes de noviembre.
Querria saber si debemos reservar tambien las inmersiones, pues nuestra intencion es bucear.
Gracias por su respuesta
Nestor 8th November 2016
Tenemos reservada habitacion para los dias 15 a 18 de este mes de noviembre, pero querriamos saber si hay que reservar las inmersiones.
Sonja r 19th November 2016
Buenas dias,

me gustaria saber si tiene capacidad el miercoles, el 23.11. o el jueves, el 24.11. por dos noches. Viajo sola y soy una chica de Alemania. Cuanto seria el precio?
Tambien quiero bucear. Tengo un certifico de PADI.
Muchas gracias!
Idelsis 21st November 2016
Hi Peterson

Please send me an email to with all details to arrange the reservation for you at Maria la Gorda

Cristi Renee 29th March 2017

I would like to confirm my reservation that I have for April 9th-12th.

Also, I would like to dive on the 10th and 11th but I have not made a reservation for that yet, Do I need to reserve in advance? Or can I just show up and dive the days I am there?

Thank You!
Mary 31st March 2017
His Cristi

Please contact them at 53 48 77 80 77, or 53 48 77 81 31.
Otherwise once you are there can check at pay locally.

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