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George 1st February 2007
I want to go to Rio de Oro, but would like to know other people's experiences?

Mr Ashley ALLAN and Mrs Janet AL 12th February 2007
We have already been to the Rio de Oro twice in the last two and a half years. We are going there again on 26/02/07 for two weeks and our son has just booked his wedding to take place at the hotel in Feb 08. Obviously we think the hotel is excellent, the staff are friendly and the hotel is perfect for those seeking a quiet retreat. The standard of the food is also excellent
Fidel 1st May 2009
The prices have gone up quite a bit, but it is still excellent value for money. The beach is great.
Bernadette 23rd July 2010
Yes, it's expensive 3.144 GBP for two of us, mind you we go in the morning so i'm hoping it's worth every penny.
Simone Newell 13th December 2012
We cant wait to get married here on 21st June!! Happy Days!!
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