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  TimeSensitive: Email for General manager and Marketing + PR directors?
gary krane 20th January 2016
Note: May I please get the direct contact emails (and names and skype IDs) for these people at the Parque Central in Havana?
Here is the letter I wish to send them

Estimado Gerente General, VP Marketing, Dir Communications/PR: (forgive my writing in English; pero hablo Espanol)

I'm Gary Krane - a PhD Psychologist (Harvard and UC Berkeley) and founding CEO of, a revolutionary and proven new app/web-based service for the couple-wellness/couple-enrichment movement, which could offer any vacation Hotel a huge marketing advantage as well as a major PR coup, by being the first in the world to offer such a service to their couple customers. At no expense to you, CoupleWise would get you more customers, happier ones, plus significant free major press.

I am in Cancun now and will be visiting Havana in about a week to meet with two or three Hotel GMs or Marketing directors, and would like to discuss bartering/trading free access to our couple-help and enrichment service, CoupleWise, for your employees and/or guests (couples), and even my own professional therapeutic services, in exchange for internet access through your hotel WiFi. (No housing required). Though as long as couples exist. we are a huge evergreen value add, an April, May, or June vacation at your hotel with CoupleWise could be your perfect Mother's Day (May 13th) gift offer, or even Valentine's gift,

My offer would enable your hotel to offer your potential customers “not just a great escape, but an opportunity to easily and significantly enrich and strengthen their marriages (committed relationships) in the privacy of their own room, at their own convenience, 24/7 at no extra expense. Attached is a one pager ("Benefits to a Cuban Hotel") to provide more specifics as to what is in it for you, which also mentions how we would also choose your hotel for our upcoming adwords contest campaign.

I am reaching out to several top wifi-capable hotels in the area this week and have to make a decision whom to work with in the next week or so if possible. You can reach me almost anytime on the number below (USA) or email me what times are best to call you ET via Skype (I am in Cancun now making my Cuban plans.) Ideally, I would love to chat tomorrow, Friday, or even Saturday otherwise Monday. Hablo Espanol, but my comprehension is still bad (I will need much private comprehension as well as Salsa lessons).

Yours truly, work'n for love,
Gary Krane PhD - Founding CEO & Chief Psychologist
CoupleWise: Pioneering the next big thing after dating sites
"Because All Relationships Can Be Better™"

P.S. If our offer seems too good to be true, happy to explain what's in it for us besides the free wifi. And btw, given my social justice activist background, I believe the Cuban department of tourism would be quite happy with me.

I arise in the morning torn between a desire to save the world and a desire to savor the world. This makes it hard to plan the day. -- E.B. White
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