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  Any good?
Explorer 1st August 2007
This hotel apparently has some appeal. Has anyone been here?
Barry Cornelius 5th August 2007
This hotel is located in the centre of Baracoa, i.e., it is close to the Catedral. I really enjoyed this hotel when I stayed at it in November 2004. When I was in Baracoa in July 2007, the hotel was not taking bookings as it was being renovated. I hope it will reopen as a hotel.
Damien 1st May 2009
I has reopened and it is fantastic. Go there!!!!
patricia 3rd October 2009
Damien ... can you tell me any details about their internet connections/business centre ? I am thinking of staying for a while if I can be sure to be able to keep working, i.e. minimum of communication with the office.
thank you so much for your reply...
renaldito 20th October 2009
About internet connexion: I do not know about connexion at the hotel itself, but while staying at the Habanera, you would be just a few steps from the Etacsa office, which is the national provider for Cuba. I was there at Christmas time in 2008; the equipment is new, although internet is quite slow, like everywhere in the country. You have to deal with business hours, though. Rates most probably stayed the same: 6CUC an hour.
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