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Joshua 17th March 2016
I was trying to find a contact email as I'm unable to call Cuba.

Are all rooms booked before the 21st of March? I was hoping to stay in Maria la Gorda and do 3-4 dives.

With that being said, how many dives are we able to do in a day? Do we have to stay at the villa?
Nancy 20th March 2016
I think you can book online
Joshua 22nd March 2016
No, it does not allow booking within the same week.
anita laurent 1st September 2016
I would like to have an email address to ask some questions about how to get to Villa Maria? Where do you fly into. How do you get to the hotel etc. The hotel being Villa maria la gorda.
Please help. Anita
Jose Luis 8th September 2016
You can check more details for Villa Maria la Gorda, at Also at this part of the Island not flight arrives, only you can go there by road From Havana city is 4 or 5 hours, and can go via Pinar del Rio, try at for private transfers and for shared transportation.
Kenneth Hofmann 26th December 2016
I would like to know if it is possible for you to arrange som hunting on wild boar or/and stag.
Or if you can give some contact info.

Susana 4th January 2017
Hi Kenneth

The Maria la Gorda Villa is an accommodation place, special for diving lovers.
Of course that hotel is located at the Guanahacabibes peninsula and there is bio-reserve as very special place, for more information, please refer to :

Dont think is related to hunt anything like wild boar. Those must be see at Villa Cayo Saetia in Holguin.

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