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  bed bugs
Kate 11th April 2016
HI! I have just read about people having bed bugs at this resort. Has anybody else had problems with bed bugs?
Martin 12th April 2016
Hi, Just came back from a great two weeks at this hotel and yes there are bugs. My advise is to insist in a upper floor room. Great hotel were already booked again!
anthony 22nd April 2016
there are bugs, like in all tropical places, but i think they are sand fleas and not bed bugs. i was at pp in oct and i removed the bed sheets and checked in the creases of the mattres and did not see any evidence of them. people did however get sand flea bites from lying directly in the sand. bring bug wipes or spray and have a great time!! :) i am planning going this july and sept. my fav cuban spot for sure!!
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