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  Excursions to Zapata area
Rob Rance 3rd June 2009
We are due to stay at Park central for 3 nighs from 7th June.
Do you know if it is possible to have a day excursion to Rio Hatiguanico river (North East Zapata area), from Havana (or from Varadero).
What local excursions are recomended.

Peter 3rd June 2009
Hi Rob,
I am afraid that Tourism Desk (Cubatur) of Parque Central does not offer excursions to Hatiguanico river and about local excursions.... if you're talking about Havana I think you can check many offers on
Betty 3rd June 2009
Hi Rob.
Unfortunately the toruism desk at the hotel doesnt offer a tour to Jatiguanico River.
Regarding Havana tour, please contact, you can check differents tours in Havana city.
travel guider 19th May 2010
i'm afraid that the hotels is very expensive i think
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