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John Phillips 6th November 2016

We stayed at your hotel a few yeas ago and had a wonderful time. We are looking to book up and stay at the Costa Verde again soon but just wanted to know when all your building work and renovations will be finished, so we can book our dates accordingly.


Luis 8th November 2016
Hi John.

The hotel operates in full basis, and you can check more details in and check reviews in tripadvisor
Norbert Eidler 14th November 2016
I`ve got Information, that some parts of the Hotel will be under renovation until the end of december. is it true ?
thks, b regards,
Maria Mercedes 17th November 2016
Hi Norbert

The areas are under renovation is the Lobby bar and the Cigar bar, that will be finished in December month.
Meanwhile the opened other areas to using as Lobby and Cigar bars, are the Disco and other place, so those bars are continues operating as usual.
Nathalie 20th January 2017
I have just been told that the pool will be closed for rennovation. Can you tell me when it will reopen please. Will it be open by middle of March please? Thanks
Luis Miguel 26th January 2017
Hi Nathalie

The hotel informed me that still offer all services at the swimming pool as usual, right now only is doing some renovation works outside of it, and doesnt affect to any client. So is open.

Donna 7th March 2017
Hi. We will be arriving on March 19/17 and we have been informed that a bar and the pool walkway will be under renovation. Can you please tell me the extent of this and how it will impact our vacation?

Thank you
Antonio 8th March 2017
Hi Donna

The hotel informed me that they are renovated some area of the walkway around the swimming pool, but this work doesnt affect to the clients, due they closed the small area to repair and you can enjoy the rest of the area, the same as can enjoy the swimming pool, the Bar and animation club at the hotel.

Nicola whitehead 13th March 2017
Hi, myself and partner will be coming to stay 27th April 2017, I've just received an email saying there are renovations at the pool area and painting the lobby, will this work affect our experience there?
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