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Lorraine Degruson 8th January 2017

I just booked 4 night in Hotel Colony for 2 from 16th to 20th of May. I would like to confirm this with you and know whether the payment will be proceeded through my account now or at the time of my stay.

We arrive in Nueva Gerona on the 16th at 6pm: would it be possible to be picked up from the airport and driven to the hotel? that would be great!

We have additionally booked 6 dives (2 per day of stay) during our time there. I also wish to confirm that!

Looking forward to be there,


Idelsis 10th January 2017
Dear Lorraine. Please could you send me the email to to check the accommodation and dives package? Also to request a transfer locally, the hotel requires the flight detail to send a driver. You have to pay locally and its cost approx. 30 cuc.

Idelsis 26th January 2017
Hi Lorraine.

Informed to hotel for your transfer and provided to them all flight details.
Lorraine Degruson 3rd May 2017
I would like to confirm our arrival on the 16th of May. However my flight time has changed and I will be landing in Nueva Gerona at 15h35.

Can you confirm that we will be picked by someone from the hotel?


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