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Booking confirmed at your hotel
Ines 0by: Ines
on: 17th August 2017
Jardines de la Reina
any hotels there?
da Silva1by: Mary
on: 10th February 2017
Stray in Kawama needa help asap!
Karla0by: Karla
on: 22nd May 2016
Cayo Santa Maria in june
Hotels close?
Ibis1by: Peter
on: 6th April 2016
Home in Havana Cuba Maison la Havane Cuba
Feel at home in a safe place in Cuba Sentez-vous chez vous Cuba
Roxane3by: George from Atlanta
on: 28th September 2015
Gibara accommodation
hotel or casas particulares
Terry0by: Terry
on: 16th January 2015
see Cuba - wonderfull video
dimas0by: dimas
on: 12th June 2014
Jardinas de la Reina
are there any hotels?
Braxton0by: Braxton
on: 13th January 2014
Designated Camping Sites
do they exist?
John B.2by: betsy
on: 30th May 2013
Renting a house
Mayari or thereabouts?
David R.2by: salsastar
on: 17th January 2012
prescription drugs
vic1by: Yudith
on: 5th January 2012
New hotel in Cuba
Nick1by: Zayda
on: 6th September 2011
contact/booking details for Villa Lindamar on Cayo Largo
sam1by: Betty
on: 2nd June 2011
on: 10th May 2011
Gibara - hotel or private accommodation
is there any?
Marvin4by: mike
on: 17th December 2012
room for 5 weeks
ulrik3by: Tatjana
on: 16th November 2010
Weddings in cuba
Stephanie2by: Neal
on: 8th September 2010
Help: Need a private house on rent
Sajjad Rajput2by: Sajjad Rajput
on: 5th March 2010
Oasis Playa Coco
customer service email address
Richard1by: Luiza
on: 20th October 2010
Parque Central Torre
has it opened?
Archie1by: Elizabeth
on: 5th January 2010
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