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Direct Flights from USA
Are there any?
Johnson0by: Johnson
on: 6th February 2020
William1by: Jessica
on: 9th October 2018
ABM bank cards
Yvonne Williams0by: Yvonne Williams
on: 14th February 2018
cuba documentary ??
edward0by: edward
on: 28th September 2017
USA Flights to Cuba
what airports?
Paco1by: Mary
on: 10th February 2017
car parts
Kevin Gallegos1by: Pedro M.
on: 9th February 2017
Sharon3by: sharon
on: 14th February 2017
Recent travel experience within Cuba
Peter0by: Peter
on: 19th May 2016
Riding a boat from Mexico to Cuba
Suggestions are apreciated
Pedro M.2by: Pedro M.
on: 19th April 2016
mp3 player in Cuba
is it allowed?
Simon1by: Conga
on: 3rd April 2016
Staying at friends house
Freddy2by: Conga
on: 3rd April 2016
Passport date
Passport expiry
Richard1by: Juanita
on: 24th February 2014
European Airlines
how many
Darko1by: Lili
on: 16th January 2014
Coco Taxi parts needed
Coco Taxi parts needed
Tom0by: Tom
on: 9th March 2012
salsa dance holiday
what should i expect?
sue1by: Yudith
on: 31st January 2012
Gift for Cuban Friend
art.lawless@rogers.com4by: Betsy
on: 4th January 2017
External Hard Drive
is it allowed?
Freak2by: Freak
on: 9th January 2012
June Weather
Honeymoon advice please!
M&M1by: Betsy
on: 7th November 2011
How to get to Cuba?
From St. Lucia or Antigua
JJ2by: Danun Jay
on: 29th May 2013
Virgin Office
where is it in Havana?
Unsatisfied Customer1by: Duncan
on: 23rd February 2011
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