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I hate Guantanamera
Hater0by: Hater
on: 11th February 2020
New Years Eve 2018 in Havana
Amanda0by: Amanda
on: 16th October 2018
Cycling & Kayaking
Jennifer0by: Jennifer
on: 11th October 2018
El Nicho waterfalls
Annie0by: Annie
on: 11th October 2018
Amy0by: Amy
on: 11th October 2018
Parrandas de Remedios
Holly0by: Holly
on: 11th October 2018
Sierra Maestra
Ben 0by: Ben
on: 11th October 2018
Havana Restaurants
Edward2by: Edward
on: 16th October 2018
Getting to Cayo Seatia
Thomas1by: Melanie
on: 10th October 2018
Driving Classic American Cars
James2by: James
on: 16th October 2018
Looking for a recipe of a cocktail..
Ian0by: Ian
on: 18th April 2017
"Amor mio"?
Mercedes 3by: Ana Merka
on: 10th March 2017
visiting cuban art shops
Antonio1by: Mary
on: 10th February 2017
Pedro Juan Gutierrez
Tindy0by: Tindy
on: 24th January 2017
Santa Clara Limousine for paty
Sandra1by: Betsaida
on: 28th November 2016
Delta Hotel in Varadero circa 1992
looking for name of hotel
Steve0by: Steve
on: 31st August 2016
19th Century Hotel - Havana Inn
Looking for clues about my family....
Kim0by: Kim
on: 12th August 2016
How to get Cuban Driver License
How to get Cuban Driver License
Curly1by: Joan
on: 3rd November 2015
Cuban Restuarante "La Finquita Alegre"
miss0by: miss
on: 8th February 2015
Tainos indians sites
Gregor2by: Betsy
on: 30th May 2013
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